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The appliance includes two refrigerant circuits that use a blend of screw compressors with set speeds and inverter-driven motors. This technical approach ensures longer envelope operation and noise reduction while optimizing seasonal cooling efficiency (SEER).

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An industrial air-cooled chiller is a refrigeration system that collaborates with an air handler system to cool liquids. The evaporator, compressor, condenser, and expansion valve are the four essential components of a chiller. The heat from processed water is absorbed by an air-cooled chiller to produce cooling.

Hospitals, indoor malls, hotels, large industrial buildings, and places where there may be several structures that need cooling, including theme parks and outdoor malls, frequently employ industrial chillers. Large events or emergency scenarios can also use portable air-cooled chillers.

The fleet of rental portable air-cooled chillers from Portable Air ranges in size from 15 tons to 500 tons. The trailer-mounted chiller rentals from Portable Air allow for quick and easy delivery and setup.


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