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Environmental responsibility

  • Low power consumption, which reduces greenhouse gas (CO,) emissions.
  • R134a friendly refrigerant has zero ozone-depletion potential.
    High efficiency, world class, sustainable and reliable performance.


Economical operating costs

Better IPLV:

  • Unit design is optimized for high efficiency at part load conditions
  • Follows AHRI 55U/SYU calculation – YY% of operating hours are not at tull load
    EER/ COP and Power Ratio are optimized for 50% – 75% loading
  • High Delta T evaporator reduces HVAC system running cost
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Features & Benefits

BMS Compatible Controller

  • RS485 open protocol communication can interface with BMS or remote management software

Power Protection Module

  • Prevents damage that could becaused by unstable power supply, phase loss or imbalance, lowvoltage and phase sequence

Low Noise Fans

  • Large diameter fans with reducedspeed for quiet operation
  • Fan sequence control to maintainconstant discharge pressure overwide ambient temperature range
  • Intelligent logic maintains lowernoise and reduced powerconsumption

Twin Rotor Screw Compressor

  • Double-walled structure for pressure-compensated rotor housing and reduced noise
  • Optimized oil management system and High volumetric efficiency

Electronic ExpansionValue

  • Allow operation at lower condensing pressure and provide precise superheat control




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