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Magnetic Full Falling Film Centrifugal Chiller
Cooling Capacity: 150~700RT

The rotor is levitating in the non-contact magnetic bearing when the unit is started. As the starting torque is small, a smooth
starting process becomes possible in combination with the optimum control of soft start and VFD. The starting current of a
single compressor is only 2A and no impact on the grid.

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Two-stage compressing

  • Lower speed and higher reliability.

High-speed permanent magnet motor

  • Motor effciency exceeds 959%, with the highest efficiency up to 9794.
    High power density and compact size.
    The motoris cooled by refigerant, high efficiency and long lifespan.

Heat transfer optimization through oil-free design

  • Adopting magnetic bearing and without the need for lubrication. The refigerating system can realize 100% oll free
    operation to eliminate the heat transfer loss resulting from lubricating oil


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